Recent Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of ADHD and Learning Disabilities Through the Life Span

They can focus for hours on things they're interested in, but fall asleep two paragraphs into a new book. Communicate their thoughts and ideas eloquently through words, but not in writing. Write a book on how to be organized, but be some the most disorganized people you know. And if this isn't confusing enough, here's the topper. They can actually know what to do, but still have a hard time doing what they know.
During this presentation, we'll explore the often confusing and uneven patterns of learning and behavior found among many children, youth and adults who experience Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities. We'll also review practical strategies and accommodations that are helping children, youth and adults with ADHD and learning differences adapt more successfully to a wide array of day-to-day demands and responsibilities. We'll be paying particular attention to those children, youth, families and adults impacted not only by ADHD and learning differences, but also by conditions that can commonly co-occur with it - including conditions related to prolonged traumatic stress exposure. Finally, we'll share with you what we're learning about adults who, despite years of school failure as children, are now leading productive and meaningful lives. Their experiences offer not only hope, but also important clues as to ways in which individuals who learn differently can begin to enjoy an improved quality of life.