Monday Night Meetings
for Adults with ADD

Meetings are all occurring on Zoom for the next month (or possibly longer - stay tuned).

Our Monday evening meetings are designed to help us stay abreast of recent advances in our understanding ADHD/ADD and executive function, as well as common co-occurring areas of challenge.

Topics will vary from week to week. Among the areas we cover: Strategies for improving organizational, planning and time management abilities, strategies for improving relationship skills, workplace strategies, improving social skills, update on current research findings, commonly asked questions about medication, along with other topics as well.

To learn more about these and other programs that we offer, please feel free to call our center at 858-581-5050 or email us at

Mondays: 6:30 to 8:00pm

Fee: No Charge

Upcoming Meetings:

May 6th: The Advantages & Pitfalls of “Divergent Thinking”
Presenter: Melissa Reskof. Description: Have you been told you have too many ideas? Or that you ask too many questions? Do you have difficulty choosing what to have for dinner or what movie to watch? Has your love of learning brought you down the internet rabbit hole for hours at a time? Join us for a discussion of the Advantages & Pitfalls of “Divergent Thinking” at home and at work. We will share strategies for when and why of shifting from divergent to convergent thinking. We will take a tour of Mind maps, as a way to catalog thoughts and ideas in a way that makes sense and is useful for projects, planning, and prioritizing. To register, please e-mail us at
May 13th: Fidget to Focus: 20 Years Later
Presenter: Roland Rotz, Ph.D. Discussion: While some ideas come and go, Fidget to Focus has not only persisted over time but increased our understanding of focus. This group will discuss the principles underlying sensory strategies to assist focus. Make it your goal to outwit boredom! To register, please email us at