Monday Night Meetings
for Adults with ADD

Meetings are all occurring on Zoom for the next month (or possibly longer - stay tuned).

Our Monday evening meetings are designed to help us stay abreast of recent advances in our understanding ADHD/ADD and executive function, as well as common co-occurring areas of challenge.

Topics will vary from week to week. Among the areas we cover: Strategies for improving organizational, planning and time management abilities, strategies for improving relationship skills, workplace strategies, improving social skills, update on current research findings, commonly asked questions about medication, along with other topics as well.

To learn more about these and other programs that we offer, please feel free to call our center at 858-581-5050 or email us at

Mondays: 6:30 to 8:00pm

Fee: No Charge

Upcoming Meetings:

August 8th: ADHD & Romantic Relationships: 5 Strategies to Protect Your Bond
Presenter: Denise Grundland, PsyD. Description: Join Dr. Grundland, a relationship expert, during her talk on ADHD and Romantic Relationships. In this presentation, she will explain the most prevalent pitfalls, dynamics, and relationship maintenance strategies that any couple in which at least one partner has ADHD could benefit. A Q&A portion will follow the presentation. To register, please e-mail us at
August 22nd: ADD Executive Function Strategies – Tips for Succeeding with ADHD
Presenter – Roxanne Fouche, ADHD Coach. Description – People with ADHD often have challenges with getting started, planning, prioritizing, and working memory, among other executive functions. Join us as we talk about tips and strategies for more success (and calm!) at work, in school, and at home. Be ready to share what works for you! To register, please email