For Parents and Professionals

Presentations will offer updated information and practical strategies than can help parents, extended family members and professionals better understand, mange and cope with the demands of raising children and teenagers with special needs.

Thursdays, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Fee: No Charge

Please call in advance to reserve a place. Seating is limited.

June 22nd: Advances in Our Understanding of ADHD Through the Lifespan

Join us for a discussion of new ways that some researchers, healthcare providers and educators now view ADHD, and how their new views are helping those with ADHD and the people who love them improve their lives. We’ll be covering ADHD through the lifespan, from young school-age children to adults in their senior years.       Presenter: Mark Katz, Ph.D.

June 29th: Stressed Out? Shutting Down? Overwhelmed? Stuck?

This presentation will focus on helping families learn the skills we need to cope with life’s ups and downs. We’ll be providing examples of tools and strategies for helping children learn to better control, manage and regulate their emotions. (For families interested in enrolling their child in our July 6 workshop by the same name, the presentation will provide an overview of some of the strategies we’ll be covering that evening). Presenter: Terri Fong, LCSW

July 6th: Managing and Regulating Emotions

Experts in the field of prevention are finding specific practices that help both children and adults learn how to better control their behavior and manage and regulate their emotions. During this presentation, we’ll be discussing some of these practices, and how they’re helping improve the lives of both children and adults with ADHD, executive function challenges, or other struggles in areas impacting emotional self-regulation.  Presenter: Mark Katz, Ph.D.

July 13th: To Be Announced
July 20th: Advances in Our Understanding of ADHD Through the Lifespan

(See June 22nd description)

July 27th: Advances in Our Understanding of ADHD Through the Lifespan

(see June 22 description)

Brain Works: Parenting with the Brain in Mind

Learning Developing Services is pleased to announce a new educational series for parents. Brain Works is based on discoveries from recent neuroscience research on the impact of parenting on brain development. The seven-week series for parents will focus on cultivating healthy emotional and social development, learning to manage difficult moments, and utilizing strategies to help have calmer, meaningful relationships. The series for parents will utilize the ideas and strategies presented in the book, “The Whole-Brain Child” by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson.

Topics include:

  • Whole brain approach: Parenting with the brain in mind
  • Connecting Emotions and Logic: Helping the right and left brain work together
  • From Bottom to Top: Building better self-control
  • Dealing with Painful Moments
  • Pause and Reflect: making better choices
  • Me-We Connection: building empathy and compassion for self and others

When: Dates and Time to be arranged.

Seven weeks, each session will build upon the previous session

* Subject to change

Who: Parents of elementary age children and other interested adults. Class size is limited.

Cost: $40.00 per session/$280.00 Total (10% discount if paid in full) (“The Whole Brain Child” book is included).

To Register or for more information: Please contact us at 858-581-5050, Extension 101