For Parents and Professionals

Meetings are all occurring on Zoom for the next month (or possibly longer - stay tuned).

Presentations will offer updated information and practical strategies than can help parents, extended family members and professionals better understand, manage and cope with the demands of raising children and teenagers with special needs.

Thursdays, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Fee: No Charge

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Feb. 3rd: Emotion Coaching: Helping Your Child Manage Strong Emotions

Parenting can be overwhelming especially when a child is reacting with strong emotions. This presentation will provide an overview how Emotion Coaching, an evidenced-based program, can help parents, teachers and other caregivers through the emotional ups and downs.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of socio-emotional intelligence and how it is a predictor of success and happiness in life
  • Recognize the importance of emotions and the role they play in communication, relationships, and in self-regulation
  • Learn about the 5-step research-based process of Emotion Coaching
  • Understand how Emotion Coaching can be applied to challenging children

Presenter: Terri A. Fong, LCSW

To Register for this presentation, please email Terri at

PAX Tools: Simple Strategies for Teaching Kids Behavior

Do you want to: Develop stronger connections with your child? Improve cooperation and self-regulation? Help your children manage their own behavior? Learn strategies to help your days run smoothly? If the answer is "yes," this workshop series could be for you!

What are PAX Tools?

PAX Tools are a collection of nine evidence-based, trauma-informed strategies to improve cooperation and self-regulation with children and youth. PAX tools draws on decades of science to create strategies that support parents, youth workers, and caring adults to create nurturing environments that help kids thrive! Each of the nine PAX Tools can be applied individually. When layered with other PAX Tools, the tools have a greater effect.

PAX Tools are intended for any caring adult (parents, caregivers, professionals and volunteers) who interacts with children and youth.

Workshop Series

The nine PAX Tools are presented over the course of three 90-minute sessions. Each session will cover 3 tools, allowing time for discussion and for ideas of how to apply tools at home and in the community. During each session participants will receive additional toolkit materials and information about the free PAX Tool app.

Presenter: Terri A. Fong, LCSW, Learning Development Services, Certified PAX Tools Community Educator

Cost: Free

Where & When: The PAX Tools Workshop Series will be presented virtually on Zoom.

  • Winter 2022:

Evening Meeting

Session 1

Thurs., Feb. 10th, 6-7:30 pm

Session 2

Thurs., Feb. 17th,6-7:30 pm

Session 3

Thurs., Feb. 24th, 6-7:30 pm