General Services

Diagnostic & Assessment Services

Our comprehensive diagnostic, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessment services for children, youth, and adults (including college and graduate students) can evaluate for the presence of learning related difficulties, attention and executive function challenges, underlying emotional conflicts, and symptoms resulting from exposure to stressful life events.
Our evaluations also assess for and strive to unmask unique strengths & talents. It’s been said that, “There’s never anything so wrong with us that what’s right with us can’t fix.” We believe this to be so, and we’ve designed an assessment process that we hope will help others come to believe this as well.   
Importantly, all assessments also include a discussion and written summary of specific recommendations that have been shown to improve the lives of those experiencing similar strengths and challenges. In addition, we provide an avenue for obtaining ongoing education regarding areas of challenge at no charge. This allows us to stay in touch with those who have gone through our assessment process over the long term.

To learn more about our assessment services, click here.

Counseling & Consultation Services

When an individual, family member or couple are unable to resolve problems that prove continually troublesome, counseling or psychotherapy services may be recommended. We are available to provide such services. In addition we are available to consult with individuals experiencing learning or attention problems at their particular work setting in order to help these individuals employ compensatory strategies that can enhance job performance.

Referrals to Other Services and Community Resources

Many individuals have questions about the role that other interventions can play from related educational and professional fields in helping them adapt better to day-to-day demands at home, at work and/or at school. Feel free to call us at any time to learn more about these other interventions, and where in our community you can access them.

Among Our Other Services

  • Ongoing seminars and support groups for adults impacted by ADHD, learning differences and other common co-occurring challenges - also geared for spouses, partners and other loved ones see "For Adults"
  • Ongoing seminars and support groups for parents of children and youth experiencing attentional, learning and/or behavioral challenges - also geared for extended family members, other caregivers, teachers and professionals see "For Parents"
  • Presentations, workshops and in-service trainings for schools, community organizations, health care professionals and businesses see "Presentations".
  • Programs to increase children's friendship and social skills see "For Children"
  • Cogmed Working Memory Training, along with other interventions designed to improve and accommodate working memory and other executive functions.
  • Coaching services see "For Children" and "For Adults"
  • Programs for preventing and reducing bullying see "Presentations"
  • Educational services, designed to increase reading and other academic skill areas.